Has anyone used airtable? Let's share our experiences


I am a huge fan of google sheets & use it extensively for a lot of things. However, it has some drawbacks when it comes to creating links between sheets. That’s where airtable shines allowing you to create a variety of solutions from customer interviews, user research, bug tracking, features etc.

Would love to hear other’s experiences.



First of all I am going to thank you for introducing me to this platform. It looks great.
I am a first time user, so let me use it for a week and then get back with my experience



I have used airtable extensively. One would think, why will someone need another online excel product but airtable shows there is so much more that can be done.

Think of airtable as an online database instead of excel and then the feature set will make more sense. You can do pretty much everything that a lightweight database will allow you to do.

I used it for project management and membership management.



They’ve been email spamming me NON-STOP after I signed up to check out their features! :roll_eyes: Not earning them any brownie points - they just got put on my “directly delete” filter in gmail.

I discovered it when I was looking for an online editable excel and sharepoint was hard to set-up. It’s great for smaller startups, is not as popular in larger companies though.

I’d try Quip - its basic but also has both word and excel. No PPT though, which is a bummer. And, some good starter templates like a kanbann board or a project tracker.

PS: I only explore these when Google Docs is not an option.



Quip is very interesting, nice UX. Looks like their T&C allows them to read the documents so I won’t use it for confidential purposes :slight_smile: