How do you stay relevant?


With the technology accelerating and innovation in each space changing so fast, how do you stay relevant?

Which articles do you read or which books you refer back or conferences you attend?

Would love to hear thoughts.


  • Subscribed to relevant topics in Flipboard (app) that automatically shows latest articles.
  • Review topics on from time to time.
  • Browse linkedin articles.
  • Read books based on other’s recommendations. here’s the link to a topic on books I created
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  1. Read publications to understand new and upcoming trends in different industries(Forbes; Harvard Business Review)
  2. Try to audit courses, that pertain to data, customer, business, products, lean six sigma methodology, etc on Coursera. ( I audit them because then I dont have to pay. I dont get a certificate but atleast I get the knowledge)
  3. Follow some of the industry leaders on LinkedIn to learn about their operations and products
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Thanks @rohitshukla @primukh26

Have you created any system that automatically curates the relevant topics. There is so much to read from that the backlog just increases.



Here’s my curated list of product management articles on Flipboard