How to design a good email automation sequence?


I am trying to create an email automation sequence, which triggers when the right conditions are met. What are good DOs and DONTs that I should follow?

Anyone has a working template that I can refer?



I would break this down to two main parts:

  1. Standard rules (for subscribe, unsubscribe, header/footer rules, etc)
  2. Custom rules (incl. custom formats, context specific tweaks like color schema, mailing frequency, etc)

Some considerations that come to

  • Before designing the system, I lean towards testing out cosmetic and other custom functionality manually before creating my rule-set for the automated system. In the past, I used MailChimp to A/B test in batches of 10K
  • Having a test-email procedure seems obvious but I was reactive rather than proactive for this.
  • Similarly, doing multi-device testing was primarily limited to my own cell phone and 1-2 browsers on my computer. As our system got closer to product definition, I added in a broader test-set to simulate various devices and browsers.
  • A check for whether the email is rendered in its original intended format is ++. For certain important emails, I also like to include a jpg/pdf attachment of the same, in case the rendering is not accurate. I use the attachment option selectively.
  • Track your metrics by instrumenting this in the source code of your email template.

What I listed above is generic to email automation systems. Can you describe the use case for the triggers you are thinking of? Depending on the scope of the triggers, the system could be local to a certain action or global across systems. I am assuming you have already dissected the pro’s and con’s of these triggers.



This is good, my use case is to create a lead nurture sequence, where subscribers are sent emails in a sequence basis their behaviour.