Need inputs and help around Product Roadmap


Building a product roadmap for a healthcare product that analyses your posture and drops you a notif/ helps you correct when you go beyond the threshold.

Also, do point to products/ resources in a similar domain! Thanks :slight_smile:



Let’s define a few things first:

  • Customer segment - Who’s this for?
  • Is this a real problem? - How do we know?
  • What’s the plan for making money?


I agree with @rohitshukla… Also you would want to know your competitors and the next best alternatives to your product… because then you would know what you are competing against…
I would also do a deep dive into the product idea… just to understand where the market and industry are and what the market and indutry outlooks are… truly understand the driving forces of the healthcare industry and then look into the product roadmap…
When it comes to product roadmap… for the customer segment defined, start with building a MVP, and then build on that roadmap to incorporate more features…
You would also need to plan on how you would monetize the app if you intend to build it for profit…
And finally, at a much later stage you might want to have an exit strategy prepared… either sell the app to one of the healthcare providers, or expand the product to encompass other problems, etc.



Example roadmap from Aha as you structure your thoughts:

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