Product Manager - Technology/Online/Internet (4-8 yrs)


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Market & Customer Research

– Identify strategic product investment themes

– Identify, size and define market opportunities

– Collect competitive intelligence and market landscape updates

– Discover and prioritize areas of product that need improvement

– Deprioritize distracting Ideas

– Collaborate with user research & design team to define customer journey maps and user personas, conduct interviews to understand scenarios and needs

Product Offering

– Create and evangelize a product north star vision and roadmap

– Define overall product strategy, portfolio, and metrics

– Create alignment around the product vision and value proposition among executives, management, engineering, marketing leadership and other stakeholders; Author product position papers and investment documents

– Conduct initial build/buy/partner analysis, identify partnership and acquisition opportunities

– Collaborate with engineering to prioritize features for a product area

– Collaborate with marketing to define the end-to-end portfolio pricing, packaging, fencing strategy and conduct win-loss Analysis

– Work with UX design to create initial product mockups and wireframes

Build and Launch

– Inform overall product strategy, understanding and influencing the business’s goals

– Partner with engineering to maintain and prioritize product backlog, define user stories, drive trade-off and implementation decisions during development

– Manage product launch, determine desired launch schedule

– Run preview programs with early-access customers; loop early feedback into the product

– Collaborate with marketing to create PR announcements, blog posts, demo videos, go-to-market plan, pricing & packaging, sales training, support material

Post-Launch, Sales Enablement

– Partner with engineering to monitor and regularly report on product performance, usage and other key metrics; Prioritize defects, customer feedback

– Champion hypothesis-driven usage growth; Identify and track metrics to inform product improvements

– Demo new products, features in customer and other public forums

– Collaborate with marketing to give sales demos and provide sales enablement