Section 4-User Personas


While mentioning the goals and behaviors for user personas for a particular app let’s say, a books app, should the goals and behaviors that we mention relate to book reading/writing habits of the persona or can it be generic?



I don’t know the content of section 4 of the course. But I’d use Jobs Theory mentioned in the book Competing against luck. The big idea is to truly understand customer requirements - social, emotional & not just functional. What are the current alternatives they use to satisfy the needs your books app attempts to solve?



Thank you Rohit :blush: It’s really helpful :+1:

So, we are looking at the goals and behaviors through the lens of our idea and looking at how it was solved before we even existed. Thus, the goals and behaviors that we include in the persona are in a way the jobs that we would like to fulfill for our customers.
Please let me know if this understanding is correct.



Correct. Here are a few thoughts as it relates to the Books App:

  • Every day while traveling to the office & back I want to use that time to listen to audiobooks. - App should support audiobooks
  • Every night before going to sleep I pick up a book & read for a few minutes so I can relax to sleep. - May be an iPad app that mimics actual book experience. May be a few free books
  • I am a +2 student who’s preparing for IIT & Medical. - May be have competitive exam books with an ability to discuss topics.