Suggest Categories


Which categories should VoC have?

Should we have broad categories like

Product Development
User research

Or narrower approach is better?



Top of mind ideas:
Product reviews and case studies
Work scenarios & resolutions
Process-improvements in your team
Starting out in a new company - to-do checklist

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Design Thinking - User Personas/Segmentation and User Journey etc.
Agile/Scrum Product Development
Product Testing - TDD/BDD
Product Marketing - Growth Hack, Viral Loops, Upselling etc.




  • Request for Practise Mock PM interviews or Cases.
  • Product Metrics & Data Insights
  • Advice on Resumes
  • User Journey & incorporating user feedbacks
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Just added a bunch of categories as suggested by @tarundhawan @surbhi @kishlayy

Look for

  • Product development
  • Product jobs
  • Product analytics
  • Product testing
    And so on

Hope this covers the categories we would like to discuss.



The challenge with having categories decided by someone is that you can very easily end up with a bunch of them which have no topics/discussions.

I wonder if there is an alternate way to group topics? What about tags where the community members can decide how they want to group it? Or an approach like flipboard where you can group any content in your own magazine?



Valid point, but the same can happen with any other organizational tactic. Categories are broad and are controlled (only admin and staff can create categories).



I think categories pertaining to a mix of both(broad and narrow) approach to product management might be interesting.
Some of the categories that may be a good addition to VOC are:

  1. Understanding "What is Product Management?"
    2.Lean Product Development
  2. Understanding the voice of the customer
  3. Creating successful user personas
  4. Understanding customer analytics
  5. Product Marketing and Product Launch
  6. Most innovative product launched every month and it will be interesting to different perspectives of looking at products - this could be a polled bit


Hi @primukh26

Liked your suggestions.

Some of them are already implemented.

I like the monthly product launches idea. Let me see how to enable that.



For the monthly product launches, maybe everyone on this forum could suggest top 3 products they have come across and give a reason for that. Then every member could read all these entries and vote. Just an idea. I am not sure how easily this could be implemented. But just a thought. :slight_smile:

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