The Art of Product Management


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Product Talks with Senior Product Professionals from across the globe


We recently had an insightful session with Adel Lelo, Senior Product Manager at Western Governors University.

About Adel Lelo:

Adel Lelo has more than 16 yrs of experience in Product Management. He specializes in online test delivery, proctoring, and online learning, vendor relationship management, contract negotiations, service levels standards, maximum efficiency, highest customer satisfaction at the lowest cost. He is an expert in establishing and maintaining professional B2B relationships.

In this exclusive 60 minute session with us, Adel spoke on “The Art of Product Management”.

Adel started the talk by sharing a brief about himself and how and why he chose Product Management as his career. He touched upon the various nuances of Product management including a very interesting facet of how vital it is to “Know oneself” to succeed in this role. He further explained the importance of knowing your stakeholders apart from your customers because that will help in strengthening your relationships and hence driving your product.

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Adel believes that a Product Manager is “mini CEOs of the product”. He emphasized that a Product Manager must be an absolute Expert not only of his product but also the industry, he/she should have the insights into the industry within which that product lives in.

Here are a few pointers, the session focused on: –

  • How to navigate the waters of risk, uncertainty, and chaos.
  • Keys to building relationships and establishing trust amongst peers, customers, and stakeholders.
  • How to become and stay an expert in your industry.
  • Ideas on how to tell convincing, inspiring, and relatable stories.
  • How to put yourself in a position of authority and power.


To know more about “Excelling in a profession of uncertainty and risk”, check out the recording of this amazing online session here.