User network tracking


How can I see how many of my users are using my website/app through Wifi and mobile network. Basically I want to have a idea that how many users use my product through high speed internet and how many are at very low bandwidth.



Hi @asvi1010,

I have my game published on Play Store and Amazon app store for about a year now.

I have integrated Google Analytics in it, which keeps track of users’ network and service providers in addition to specific events I am monitoring (Like, click on Play the game button, when users sessions starts, click on buy In-App purchase items, when game ends etc.).

Below are the screenshots of information that Google provides you with Google Analytics.
Atom 2048, Play Store :

Network Domain :

Service Providers :

Additionally for your requirement, you need to map the network domain / service providers with their network speeds, that’s a different task.

I hope this helps.

You can connect with me at radhey04 [at] gmail [dot] com should you require any more information/help.



Thanks. This is something we are already aware of…but this doesn’t give the idea of bandwidth users are on …while using my website.

I’ll tell you the use case, I want to design a feature which might take some bandwidth (data), its getting initiated on a particular user event…If I had the data that how many users are on >1Mbps /4G …it will be much easier for me to take the call.



This might be helpful: