Welcome to VoC :)


Hello there!

Most communities have really long welcome email sequences to welcome and engage people.

Good news: I am not most people.

But here are few posts and a quick word to get you up to speed.

First off, I am super excited to welcome you to this community. Building product is hard and building great products is much harder. Lack of a community-led platform to get answers to pressing product related questions makes this process additionally frustrating.

During my 10+ years of building products, so many times I felt like I was reinventing the wheel because there was no friendly venue to simply ask around. There are many blogs and communities but they are usually brand or personal mouthpieces and hence the utility is severely limited.

Hence, I decided to build an open community for busy product managers to ask questions and get quality answers. :muscle::fist_right::unicorn:

Product Managers work in uncertainty. The problems are mostly vague, with little or no data available most of the times, it becomes incredibly difficult to set your datum right. Hence, I am hoping that this community of Product Managers grows well so that we can ask freely, discuss freely and become better versions of ourselves.

The true purpose of this community is to get answers to product problems. Not to share fluff or to share articles or anything else. It is purely to get answers to pressing questions

I am releasing a beta of this community to select few people to help define the community and to help me in customising the platform. If you are reading this, you are among the rare few who will be shaping the global community of product managers. Thank you so much for joining me in this quest. :sunny:

Start here:
New user tips & tricks
Vote for a name (yes, VoC is a temporary name)

Please do the following activities and report bugs, suggestions:

  1. Start a topic to ask a question
  2. Reply to someone else’s answer
  3. Reply via email (yes, that’s possible too. Haven’t tested comprehensively)
  4. Check your profile, update your profile with images and details
  5. Ask and answer enough questions and you will be awarded an elevated status of moderator or group manager or topic moderator and so on
  6. You will also be awarded with badges as you keep engaging with the community

Look forward to your feedback and engagement



New User tips & tricks
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