Which viral loop to grow a community?


To build this community, I want to invite product managers from world over slowly. Currently, the community is bootstrapped and invitations are being sent to personally known folks. This is not scalable but will take us to 50 members slowly.

What approach should be taken for taking members from

50 to 500
500 to 5000
5000 to 50000



@mukul.khurana93 @abhishekkejariwal @guneetchadha90 what do you think



There is one community called as ‘CohortPlus’. It has a good amount of Product Professionals from India who are quite active. Can spread a word over there. I will do if you find it ok. There are few Facebook groups which has gloabl audience.



@saurabhjambure that’s a one off growth tactic. What will be a more sustainable viral loop.



Can think of three below. In general, any of the community product won’t & shouldn’t go viral (by which I mean too many users, very quickly). Some ways for like sustainable growth could be:

A) Use UGC content to get SEO (slow but sustainable growth)
B) Drive Community based Invitations (might need to put riders to control quality)
C) Enable users to share content from here on their social media easily (LinkedIn)

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Good suggestions.

SEO is baked in, so that’s covered.

For community based invitations, I believe, adding incentives will dilute quality. Core benefit is pretty attractive and so I believe people will invite their friends automatically.

I am not sure, why will someone share a post on linkedin? If at all, they can copy over the URL of the post and share on any platform, it will unfurl properly. What do you think @vinitgarg83 ?



#2- Incentives don’t need to be monetary. I get a feeling that the community useful and then using that feeling to spread the word since I want to be helpful to others. The community/platform needs to inspire that feeling

#3- the closest parallel I see is people write answer on Quora and then share on their social media handles. A similar phenomena to either a) Get recognition from their social media contacts b) Inspire wider discussion could be motivations for people to share the content outside. IMO this is key to grow the community since the shareable inventory is continuously refreshed

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Hey Saurabh,
Could you please share facebook’s gropu link here.



If current members have option to Invite/Add People(Like Facebook group) then i think within one day the user number will hit 500 counts.

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@abhishek once we open this platform to public, this will be allowed.

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Hi @saurabhjambure why did you share the group here?



@talvinder Slightly unrelated but couldn’t find a better place.
In the past few days I’ve noticed very little activity which may lead to existing members not coming back. A few of us (active) users should brainstorm ways to spur activity.



I agree @rohitshukla

What do you suggest?

I believe this is to do with notifications. Folks, don’t get to know about the (limited) activity and hence they don’t return frequently. What do you think?

I am planning to implement a browser notification, which combined with Chrome Web app should solve this. I have also created a desktop app for this community. This should also help.

I haven’t yet exposed the chat functionality of the community. That may be another direction to take.



@talvinder Core issue right now is limited activity. Once we have an uptick in activity we can leverage various notification mechanisms to pull people in.

  • We could introduce ‘topic of the day’ that’ll ensure everyday a new topic is added. This will give the community something to engage in.
  • Identify a core group of users who can engage daily & keep the discussion going by adding our view points & pulling others into the discussion by leaving questions like ‘What’s your take?’


Makes sense.

Would you like to take the lead and start with topic of the day?

I will start a product of the day from tomorrow.



@talvinder I can try :slight_smile: Not sure we’ll have enough ideas to have 2 separate themes - topic of the day & product of the day. May be we can just create a new category (something like xxx of the day). Then we can add either topic, product or whatever else. What say?

My 1st topic - How involved should a product manager get into UX?



Sounds great.

By product of the day, I meant picking up a product and talking about some interesting aspect.

Like your topic - why don’t you post it



Already posted as uncategorized. Yes, we should do Product of the day as well. Under which category should we add these?



Let me create a category - daily standup. It will have topic of the day and product of the day. The active folks will check out this category daily while the non-active ones will simply ask questions and move along



A. I really like the ideas . However, instead of taking 2 different paths(product and topic), I think it would be better to converge them into just one thing like ‘Term of the day’ and send this as a daily mailer. Investopedia already has this feature and has made me go back to the site many a number of times from my gmail. I am pretty sure that there are enough terms(tools and other keywords) in Product Management field to engage users for quite some time .

B. Attention is another aspect that can be used for incentivising people. Create an in-app leaderboard based on the points that people earn through every activity on the portal. I see that there are badges but putting them together into leaderboards which is visible to top product managers (and possibly hire these folks) engages people to give back more IMO.
Example: Leaderboards for Top Editors, Top Moderators etc.

C. Gamifying the experience though weekly quizzes and peer challenges. The points earned through this can again be linked to leaderboards.